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Lions Mane Extract

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The Buddahealth Lions Mane is one of the most potent lions mane extracts on the market!


Lion's Mane is scientifically proven to help boost cognitive function and stimulate the production of nerve growth factor.


60ml dropper bottle



How does Lion's Mane work? 

The main active compounds are aromatic hericenones and diterpenoid erinacines which can pass through the blood-brain barrier. This allows this mushroom extract to actively boost cognitive function and mental performance.



Lions Mane Mushroom extract (8:1) – 1500mg (equivalent to 12,000mg), Highland Spring Water, Organic Cane Alcohol 


60 ml food supplement



Consume three pipettes, one to three times per day


Lion's Mane has been linked to supporting diseases such as:

  • dementia
  • MS
  • neuropathy 
  • nerve damage
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • insomnia 
  • menopausal syndrome

Our Impact

The Buddahealth lion's mane is a gentle combination of lion's mane extract, highland spring water and organic cane alcohol, meaning you can feel all of the benefits of lion's mane without worrying about consuming any harmful ingredients. Our Lion's Mane oil is ethically extracted and completely natural.